M5 Forex Scalping Trading System and Strategy

The rules to this M5 Forex Scalping Trading System and Strategy are quite simple … As simplicity always works in my book of trading. It is so true that most traders over complicate things which in the end makes more losses than wins.
Why is that? Well, people tend to think that since trading is one of the hardest things to win at they tend to think that it must be sophisticated, when in reality it is very simple.


BUY Entry


SELL Entry


“Plan Your Trade, Then Trade Your Plan…” A lot of traders say they’re either a “Technical or Fundamental” when it comes to trading. The fact is, we’re all 100% fundamental traders it’s just that some of us don’t realize it yet.

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You see, a technical trader uses Technical tools available on a chart, where a Fundamental trader uses news elements. Before a major news element comes out which could be days, and sometimes weeks before the market fears the worst to happen – known as “Fundamental Analysis.”

You’ll see a 3 or 4 day move before the news takes place. It will show up as a technical pattern on your chart, but the whole reason this happened in the first place was due to the “FEAR” of what “Could Happen” from a Fundamental element about to enter in the market.

Known as… “Buy The Rumor – Sell The Fact.” So in essence, we’re all “Technically 100% Pure Fundamental Traders.”

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