Trading the News – High Accuracy Forex Major News Release Trading System

High Accuracy Forex News Release Trading System – A simple but effective strategy for trading the news. Trading the news can be very profitable if you can correctly guess which way price is going to move.


Now there are a couple of important things you need to be aware of before you consider whether to use this type of strategy.

  • The news release must be a high impact release, NFP, interest rate decision, FOMC etc. So you know the whipsaw is a high probability move.


  • The market also has to be moving in a tight range before the news is released.


ForexWOT Major News Release Trading Rules


The news release must be a high impact release, NFP, interest rate decision, FOMC etc. So you have to ready with your trading chart 5 munites before news release.

Red Color News Title News-Cal indicator is the indication of HIGH IMPACT News release.

  • Open Position After  High Impact Release
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BUY Rules


  • TTL green bars
  • CCI Zero green dots
  • Momentum indicator line upward above 100 level
  • DED indicator aqua dots
  • Slope Direction Line aqua color
  • Signal Trend green color


SELL Rules


  • TTL red bars
  • CCI Zero red dots
  • Momentum indicator line downward below 100 level
  • DED indicator yellow dots
  • Slope Direction Line yellow color
  • Signal Trend red color


Trading Notes

Something else you can also consider to maximize your profit is to trade this strategy on multiple pairs.

If the news is dollar related, you can trade all dollar pairs, if its euro related, you can trade all euro pairs etc etc.

As long as you have the tight range you are looking for before the news release you can trade any pair.

Trading multiple pairs will also spread your risk a little bit, just in case you do not get the whipsaw on all the pairs.

As long as you get it on the majority you can still make plenty of pips, and your take profit should get hit one way or another.

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If you don’t get the whipsaw on every pair, just take off the other trade as close to breakeven as you can. If you are entering at mid price that should not be too hard to get.

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